The Development of Precision Apiculture Service (DIPAS) project has as scope to study the feasibility of the existing precision apiculture system & service (‘miBeez’), developed by TERRA SPATIUM SA, from both market and technical perspective. More specifically the project objectives were based on three main aspects, the users’ involvement, the technical and the business. For the users’ involvement aspects of the project, main objectives were to analyze users and customers scenarios, to identify new and update previous user needs and requirements, to develop system requirements, to enlarge end-users’ networks. For the technical aspects of DIPAS, the objectives were to update and redesign system architecture, features and components and to evaluate system status with beekeepers. Finally, for the business aspects of the project, the objectives were to perform a comprehensive market analysis, to develop and elaborate on business proposition, to identify and develop miBeez service’s value chain, to perform financial and technical sustainability and risk assessment and to define the roadmap and strategy towards service implementation and exploitation.