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Our Vision

As the sustainable development and the application of environmental practices are among the basic objectives of CAP and based on the space and information technologies capabilities TERRA SPATIUM is actively involved in the development, commercialization, and market provision of relevant services. Based on the fact that apiculture is a key primary sector, not only for its high value goods provision to European citizens but also for the essential pollination of crops and rural plants, that have significant societal (e.g. job s creation), environmental (e.g. biodiversity) and financial impact (it is estimated that apiculture contribution to farming sector in Europe is around 22 B €/year) TERRA SPATIUM has invested, is providing and is further developing a sophisticated precision apiculture system (miBeez) in order to respond to emerging challenges of beekeeping community. TERRA SPATIUM aspires to further develop, disseminate and provide ICT, space and earth observation solutions in the apiculture sector. Our vision is to provide to beekeeping community a sophisticated tool that supports beekeeping businesses efficiency and products quality and quantity.

Our History

TERRA SPATIUM SA has invested in research and development of a precision apiculture system and service (miBeez) from 2015. More specifically system and service were developed in the framework of project miBeez “an Integrated Precision Apiculture System” cofunded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874). The development of hardware, software and service was based on beekeepers needs and requirements. miBeez system aims to support the increase of production and optimal management of beekeeping units and reducing losses along with the environmental footprint optimization of beekeeping businesses.

Following miBeez project, miBeez system and service is under industrialization and with the support of DIPAS (Development of Integrated Precision Apiculture System and service) feasibility study cofounded by ESA the service is under preparations and fine tuning before market entrance.

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More than 30 years of experience in the fields of communications, remote sensing, software development, R&D projects and participation in public tenders, expanding every year its presence on the Defense and Security sector in Greece and in Europe. Our vision is to extend our present activities and conquer new business domains such as satellite communications, unmanned vehicles and Internet of Things services.

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30years of experience