Integrated Precision Apiculture System & Service

Precision apiculture service with the goal of sustainable beekeeping by implementing best practices. It combines beekeeping management, monitoring through a network of sensors and a decision support module that informs and advises beekeeper by taking into consideration internal and external parameters.

What is miBeez?

miBeez integrates a beekeeping management module, a beehive monitoring module using sensor networks and a decision support module that provides advice and warnings to the producer, taking under consideration internal and external environmental conditions. These three aspects are provided by relevant miBeez service modules covering all beekeeping activities and responding to emerging beekeepers’ challenges and problems. miBeez is an integrated toolbox that could be used during all beekeeping activities to help beekeepers manage production, monitor colonies and get advice for optimal decision making, in order to improve quantity and quality of apiculture products, as well as reducing time, cost and efforts.

Our Services

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    Decision support module facilitates effective decision making by using science to transform devices derived data to added value information. Moreover, it alerts on time the users in order to prevent beehive and resources losses and at the same time avoiding demanding and time-consuming data monitoring.

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    Production monitoring informs on time the users for the production status of beehives and furthermore provides relevant statistics in order to evaluate beehives development and dynamic status and past applied practices.

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    Beekeeping Management

    Beekeepers card and calendar enables easy note keeping and activities planning, while Statistics and Reports enable beekeeping past and current conditions evaluation for an effective beekeeping business growth.


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We aim to provide the beekeeping community a sophisticated tool that supports beekeeping businesses efficiency and products quality and quantity.

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